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Post  Andy on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:24 am

Hello fellow fans. I created these forums as a place (an escape, actually!) for fans to have a place to engage in civil, mature discussions and conversations. Flaming, insults or degrading other users (or other users' teams) will not be tolerated. There are plenty of other forums available for those who want to act like children.

I've started this out pretty bare-bones, but hopefully we can get enough friends to join in to justify making more sections. I'd love to have enough people to have a section for each team! Maybe each conference! But only you can make that happen by telling your friends about this place... and if you're reading this you've already taken the first step.

As a matter of full disclosure: I'm a lifelong Alabama fan so my opinions are therefore biased. But, I am also a college football fan. I love being able to discuss the sport and its current events with fans of any team in a civil, friendly manner. Of course there will be ribbing and joking from fans of one team to another, which is fine unless it gets childish or personal.

I'm a 32 year old Registered Nurse working on the neuro unit at a children's hospital. My other hobbies include playing poker, going to sporting events and I also road race motorcycles.

Feel free to start a new topic in this forum to introduce yourself.

I hope you enjoy it here and look forward to hearing any feedback.



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